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New Delhi: It’s a new day at Bigg Boss house and it begins with the morning anthem. Nimrit discusses her last night’s talk with Archana to Shiv. Shiv says Archana says hurtful things when she asks someone to talk and sit down. Nimrit breaks down in front of Sajid and says that I have just you guys, if you won’t listen to me then where will I go? She says I’m irritated with people calling me weak. 

Meanwhile, Abdu gets angry at his friends and Sajid and Abdu make amends with him. Shiv and Tina resolve their issues. Shiv reveals that he had a girlfriend in Bigg Boss Marathi but they broke up later. Archana makes fun of Tina over food and says that someone give her footage.  

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss asks all to assemble and says that Ankit’s captaincy is very boring. He asks them to name the candidates whom he would not want to make the captain. He names Sajid, Abdu, Nimrit, Shiv, Archana and MC Stan.  

Bigg Boss, however, gives another chance to the others to stay in captaincy race and announces a task in which the people removed will be put in jail while others will be the jailor. Bigg Boss will give ways for the inmates to escape and those who successfully come out of the jail will get a chance to stay in captaincy race.  

The prisoners had to take an imprint of a key on clay to escape in the first round. Total chaos spreads in the house as the task starts. Bigg Boss everyone to stand in a line and says the chaos is because organiser Ankit does not have any say in the task. Ankit disqualifies the inmates as they took the key by force.  

Ankit loses his cool when nobody listens to him and starts shouting. He says no one will grab the jailor. In the second round, prisoner had to climb the wall and Shiv wins. Bigg Boss then ends the task mid-way as there is total chaos in the house. The jailors win the task and remain contenders for captaincy. 

Housemates discuss the aftermath of the task and argue among themselves. Archana says I’m happy that Bigg Boss praised the prisoners. Nimrit says Sumbul always flips sides. Sumbul discusses with Nimrit about talking to Shalin and Tina during the task.  

Bigg Boss calls Tina, Nimrit and Shiv into confession room and asks about the task. They say Sajid looks at the game with a different eye than us. Bigg Boss says if you guys feel Sajid is wrong then you should say it. Nimrit then makes Sajid understand that he might be coming out as wrong for the audience. 

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more updates! 

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