BB 16: Fans laud Ankit Gupta as he prioritises collecting sanitary pads during ration task, call him a ‘Real Gentleman’ | Television News

New Delhi: Udariyaan actor Ankit Gupta has been one of the main highlights in the Bigg Boss 16 season. From his good looks, calm and composed demeanour to his one-liners, the actor has quickly managed to become everyone’s favourite. Now in a recent video, the actor’s ‘this’ action is being appreciated and receiving immense praise.

Ankit who is known for his cool personality is a true gentleman who believes in expressing himself through actions, not words. The actor proved this about himself on several occasions, including the latest one where he was seen acting very thoughtfully during a task.

When the contestants were given a time limit to pick up the ration, many of them chose to pick up food for themselves. But what caught some fans’ attention I that Ankit picked up sanitary napkins for the ladies. This action won many hearts and people took to Twitter to appreciate this gentlemanly move!


One user wrote, “When I say his care is not put in words but in actions, this is what I mean. Think a 100 times before judging a man like him just bcos he is not vocal about his care”.

Ankit is setting examples in the show that one can still be winning audience’s heart by being themselves completely, and that creating controversies isn’t necessarily a path to fame on the show.

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