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Romantic date: Although ‘the dinner and a movie date night’ is a classic for a reason, it might grow a little old after a while, especially if you and your beloved have been dating for a quite a while now. You can decide against engaging in outdoor activities if the weather is cold and you don’t enjoy winter activities much.

Here are some romantic at-home date night ideas for the busy couples.

1. Make your own ice cream sundae bar

Pick up some hot fudge, a few cans of your favourite flavour ice cream (or make your own), and your favourite sweet or salty toppings like nuts or gems.

2. Play mixologist/bar-tender

Learn how to mix your favourite drinks at home rather than flocking into a noisy bar and shouting over the other customers. By mixing them yourself, you can not only save money but also learn a new skill that you can brag about at a get-together or evening dinner.

3. Movie marathon

To share a bit of each other’s past, turn on some of your childhood favourites, even in this day of good television- Netflix! Watch serial movies like Harry Potter, Godfather or any movie that has been part of your childhood. 

4. Dancing party

Nothing beats dancing in your pjyamas after a long day of work and relaxing with your partner to the soft and mellow jazz or high beat EDM or just tune into some classics that bring back fond memories and groev to the base. DO not forget your favourite night suit for that extra pizzazz.

5. Gamble on some fun poker

Place bets on things like carpool duty, chores, or even who gets to give the other person a foot or back rub if you have a joint bank account or don’t want to gamble for real money. Keep in mind to cash out after the games is completed or you can simply make the mode of payment in “kind”.

6. Cook your favourite meal

Get on your aprons and set the blaze on. Make fun recipes wiht minimal effort but maximum enjoyment. This will help both of you gain confidence and experiemnt more often with recipes and ingrediants.

7. Frat party games

Playing flip cup or beer pong on your kitchen table can allow you to briefly transport yourself back in time even if you definitely can’t party like you used to back in college. You can choose any childish game because it will only bring laughter and make your relationship stronger.

These activites will help build a better bond between couples and aid in spending some quality time together.

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