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New Delhi: The year 2022 had been echoed with the rage of one man who put the Kannada industry on the global map with the success of ‘KGF 2’. Yes, it’s none other than Yash. While the nation was blown away by the fever and content from Kannada cinema from KGF Chapter 1, the audiences actually got hooked onto and started believing in cinema from Karnataka actually in 2022 after the release of KGF 2.  

Yash has been the flagbearer of putting Kannada cinema on the world map and had visualized his dream long ago in 2014 at a local event in Bangalore. While sharing further about his belief and vision, Yash said, “My industry was always great. It’s just that we’re not actively taking action in making realize how great it is & not getting equal opportunities. So, since a few years, I was saying this everywhere because I could really see it and I wanted to put this thought process within the industry. I could clearly see it and envision it. I believe whatever we say in the universe, it manifests. I think whenever you see your goal clearly, you’re working towards it you won’t miss it.”  

Yash has truly owned the year 2022. The success of KGF 2 has set new standards of Yash’s superstardom. While sharing his feelings about the same, the actor said, “It’s the year of dreams, it’s a year of Kannada cinema. It’s a year of the common man’s cinema. A lot of people from no background whatsoever have been able to achieve big things this year. It’s not about Yash. It’s about the team. Especially KGF is not just about Yash, it’s about the team. My producers, director, and each and every technician who has worked. So it’s everybody’s dream.” 

This has put a challenge to other mega releases of the year to match or go even close to the box office figures of KGF 2. Yash has truly set the bar high for all the biggies of the industry who are still struggling to reach somewhere near the figure of KGF 2’s collections. 

With the success of KGF 2, Yash captured the entire box office like no one has ever done. Be it collecting the huge amount of 54 Cr. on the very first day of its release in the Hindi market, to its global box office collection of 1200 Cr., the success of KGF 2 is truly exemplary that went on to create records that are still not broken. 

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