Shah Rukh Khan opens up about films he wants to make; says he is ‘Batman at night, Superman in the morning and Spider-Man in the afternoon’ – Times of India

As Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan gets set to present his next action film ‘Pathaan’, the actor opened up about the kind of films he would like to take up in the future.

While spilling the beans about the perfect film venture, he picked the French film ‘Leon: The Professional’ which starred Jean Reno, Gary Oldman, and Natalie Portman. Revealing the kind of films that are on his bucket list, he said in a statement to Scoop with Raya, “I want to do a film like ‘Leon: The Professional’. Not Leon but a film like where I am older, quiet guy, very intense with a grey beard and grey hair.”

He went on to explain that he just wants to tell a story that somebody has the desire to tell. “And I want to tell it to the best of my capabilities,” he said.

He added playfully, “I am Batman at night, Superman in the morning & Spider-Man in the afternoon. So, I just want to play all kinds of characters.”

‘Leon: The Professional’ which was released in 1994 is an action-thriller directed by Luc Besson. The plot centres on Leon, a professional hitman, who reluctantly takes in a twelve-year-old Mathilda Lando after her family is murdered.

The star also added that he wants to work on all kinds of projects. He expressed his excitement about trying out an action film this year with Pathaan and working on a South Indian film ‘Jawan’ and also teaming up with Rajkumar Hirani for ‘Dunki’.

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