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Described as a comedy-crime mystery, 7 Women and a Murder premiered today, December 29, on Amazon Prime and it is set in the typical whodunit genre. The trailer seems promising enough, but this Italian remake of the original French cult classic, 8 Women that released in 2002 has not fared well with critics.

Readysteadycut.com observes that “the dialog and the plotline feel dated, and it’s painfully obvious these are female characters written by a man.” However, the same reviewer also adds that “if you are looking for an amusing comedy to keep you entertained for just under 90 minutes, this film makes for a fun, quick watch.”

The plot centres around seven women and a dead body in a mansion in Italy. The phone lines are cut off and the car wires cut, and a snow storm rages outdoors, so there is no way any of the women can leave. At first glance, each has a motive to kill Marcello, who is father to two of the women, the husband of another, and an ex-lover to yet another. The dead man’s mother is also part of the party, as is a sister-in-law and a maid.

The location, dialogues and décor is typical of the ‘50s era, so we are talking about a murder committed in a setting that is 70 years old. Each of the women could be a possible suspect; each has a secret, except that some of the secrets appear quite tame, considering the fact that the audience is now watching the film as 2022 draws to a close with morality values that have completely changed since the 1950s.

Another critic slams it, calling it a “waste”. However, audience reviews and ratings are substantially better, the reason why it has a 5.4 rating on IMDb. Jose G rated it 5 stars on rottentomatoes and said it was “an excellent version of the original French film, especially not being a musical.”

Christine B also gave it an effusive review. She wrote: “I’m in love with it! All the ingredients for a crime comedy are there to keep you watching! Interesting characters, good acting, setting and being a period piece!… All in all, totally worth your time!”

There is another scathing review up on leisurebyte.com. This one reads, “This Italian whodunnit feature does not make the cut for a tight and grip-worthy flick and hence fails to abide by the parameters of the genre.”

The terse recommendation at the end suggests that “You can look for better murder mysteries to watch during the holiday season.”

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