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New Delhi: Prasoon Joshi, chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification, has stated that CBFC`s balanced approach in the certification of `Pathaan` would be clear to all once the film is out. After the Shah Rukh Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer `Pathaan` recently reached the CBFC examination committee for certification, its makers were advised by the CBFC to implement certain changes in the film. 

Prasoon said, “CBFC always has a tough task to strike the right balance between audience sensibilities and creative expressions and we have stayed true to this spirit in the certification on film Pathaan too.” 

“Certification as per the right category is important and the committee made sure that due care is taken in terms of the film`s age appropriateness for the relevant category. The makers have been advised modifications in the film with a balanced and wholistic view as per the CBFC guidelines,” the statement read further. `Besharam Rang`, one of the songs from `Pathaan`, which dropped online on December 12, courted controversy over the colour of the bikini sported by Deepika in its video. 

Some people found the song objectionable over the use of saffron and green costumes. A slew of activists in Indore even staged a protest and set effigies of Deepika and Shah Rukh on fire. Addressing this in his statement, Prasoon said, “As far as costume colours are concerned, the Committee has stayed unbiased. When the film comes out the reflection of this balanced approach will be clear to everyone. We need to understand that CBFC works under guidelines as per the cinematograph act. And endeavours to do its best in certifying the films for the appropriate category.” 

He added, “Also there is always a provision for the makers to voluntarily make changes to their film and further submit an agreed-upon version.” Prasoon concluded by saying that “whilst the process has been duly followed and getting implemented, I must reiterate that our culture and faith is glorious, intricate and nuanced. And we have to be careful that it does not get defined by trivia or dragged into unwarranted controversy. Like I have said earlier as well- that the trust between creators and audience is most important to protect and the creators should keep working towards it so that there is little room for mistrust or misunderstanding”. 

Yash Raj Films recently released the second song of the film `Jhoome Jo Pathaan,` which received massive responses from the fans. Helmed by Siddharth Anand `Pathaan` which also stars John Abraham is scheduled for theatrical release in January 2023, in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. 

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