Bigg Boss 16, Shukravaar ka Vaar updates: Salman Khan schools Shalin, Priyanka; actor warns Archana to not get personal! | Television News

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 16, New Years’ weekend starts with the paap ka ghada task and most of the contestant target Archana for it. Soundarya, Sumbul, Nimrit and Shiv go for Shalin and call out his fake personality. Archana plays it dirty on Shalin, Tina, Priyanka and Vikkas for her turn. 

Soundarya clarifies all that Shalin had said to her about Tina, the ‘Uttaran’ actress is shocked to hear the remarks and is very sure of not keeping her friendship with Shalin. She screams at him, questions him and of course, walks out.

Salman Khan enters the house looking dapper cool, well as always, and has a fun time with Sumbul. Talks to her about her opinions on everybody and does a healthy fun banter. Also, he points out Sajid and Stan’s masti session with Sumbul about her father, both clarify that it is all just for fun and they respect her father a lot. 

The ‘Dabangg’ actor even calls out all the gharwalas who have called Bigg Boss and the team ‘biased’ towards Archana and Colors personalities. SK then asks everyone to go in their rooms except for Archana. 

Salman Khan schools Archana over her personal comments, explaining to her that her points are fine but the way she presents it, she is getting hate and no love. The actor even warns Archana, saying that he can anytime take her out of the house and she has no free pass over anything or anyone in the house.

Khan later calls everyone else and tries to explain to Shalin where he was wrong and it was not Archana who provoked him, but, he doesn’t get it and stays on the ‘teri biwi do kaudi ki hai‘ comment. SK then explains to Shalin that it was Priyanka, Tina, Vikkas who provoked him, Archana was just calmly telling him to take less quantity of sabzi so no one else is left for the dinner. 

SK even tells Vikkas to not talk about Archana’s education and caste, if he does, he has to expect the reply she gives as that is her nature.

Before leaving the house tonight, Salman Khan said to Shalin that ‘I have blocked your number and even have changed my contact…’ so he couldn’t call him once he is out of the house.

Even Bigg Boss calls Vikkas and Archana into the confession room and tells the TV actor to never pass comments on anyone’s caste or education. He apologises to BB and all’s well now, hopefully.

The episode ends on a happy note as veteran actor Dharmendra enters the Bigg Boss 16 stage. All fun banters will take place between the two, will be telecasted tomorrow, i.e on ‘Shanivaar Ka Vaar.’

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