Bigg Boss 16 Weekend ka Vaar updates: Bigg Boss hosts rap concert for the first time ever, Ikka, Seedhe Maut and MC Stan set stage on fire! | Television News

New Delhi: It’s the first day of 2023 and we are back with Bigg Boss updates! Abdu and Tina discuss about his feelings for Nimrit. He says friends don’t stab back at each other. MC Stan, Shiv and Abdu play in the bath tub. Bigg Boss then starts playing music and everyone gets surprised and starts dancing.  

Abdu then opens up to Priyanka that he has felt lonely in the house at times. Sajid says to Abdu that people are using him for votes.  

Shekhar Suman comes to entertain the housemates and wishes them Happy New Year. He sits in the setup of a kitchen and cracks jokes. After that, Bigg Boss gives a treat to housemates who have not become captains from Licious. Shalin and Priyanka thus get the treat.  

Bigg Boss then announces a party for the contestants and calls MC Stan in the confessions room. Bigg Boss house has been turned into a rap concert for the first time and he asks MC Stan to perform his songs. For New Year, rappers ‘Ikka’ and ‘Seedhe Maut’ enter the house and perform along with Stan. 

Tina gets upset with Shalin and starts crying. He tries to mend things but she doesn’t listen.  

All the housemates get dressed up for the concert and enjoy the musical evening. There is a normal audience as well. Sajid Khan turns host for the event. Rappers Ikka and Seedhe Maut first go with their performances. Amidst the performance, Tina and Shalin get intimate and share a cozy moment. Bigg Boss then interrupts and hits back at Shalin for removing his mic and scold them for talking in English. Rappers also tease Shalin for romancing Tina in the concert. 

After that MC Stan takes on the stage and sets it fire with his energetic and enthralling performance. After that, all the rappers come on stage and perform together. At last, MC Stan and Ikka perform their song ‘Maa Baap’ to showcase the importance of parents in life.  

Bigg Boss then thanks all the fans for coming into the house. Bigg Boss then asks everyone to go inside and wishes them Happy New Year. Bigg Boss then calls MC Stan in the confessions room. Stan thanks him for organising the event. Bigg Boss also thanks him for making it the best New Year in 16 years.  

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more updates! 

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