Bigg Boss 16 Shanivaar Ka Vaar updates: Salman Khan schools Archana-MC Stan, contestants’ family members get into argument! | Television News

New Delhi: There’s no end to the incessant drama and thrill in COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’ house. Tonight’s episode showed Salman Khan breaking down a major altercation between MC Stan and Archana Gautam in ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. The rapper accepts full responsibility for all his mistakes, but Archana Gautam continues to argue with host Salman Khan and accuses the other housemates of singling her out for criticism. Livid at her obstinacy, the megastar asked Archana to leave the house if she has such a hard time getting along with the other contestants despite numerous warnings from ‘Bigg Boss’.  


The drama doesn’t end here! With the “Karela Ka Shot” task, housemates pay for talking behind each other’s backs and spreading bitterness in the house. The task reveals some truth bombs about what the housemates think of each other. It entails Salman Khan reciting a remark made by one of the contestants towards another. Many truth bombs were dropped today and many major revelations were made.


Quite often housemates have dragged the mention of family members into petty fights. So today, their family members hit the vaar stage! In tonight’s episode, the family members come to the defence of housemates. Right after Salman Khan asks them who, in their opinion, is khatra for their loved ones inside the house, a huge fight breaks out among family members. Stan’s mother and Shalin’s mother took complete side of their sons and said that what they are doing is legit.

This week, no one got eliminated but SK gave a reality check and told who were the bottom 4. The list included Tina, Shalin, Archana and Soundarya. Tina later badmouths Sumbul for only sleeping and getting safe.

Shalin is terribly hurt, cries as he genuinely liked Tina, who according to Salman, fans and all other housemates is hanging him. He even opens up to Shiv and says that he is not fake and is hurt that everybody thinks that he is.

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