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When a relationship first begins, everything is colourful and fun. Every night is a date night, you can’t keep your hands off of each other, and the world seems more pleasant. Even the best days might eventually turn sour, leaving you to wonder if the relationship is still worth saving. 

If this sounds like your relationship with your partner at present then let us remind you, arguing is not the problem, it is absolutely normal. A good fight can sort out underlying issues and it feels nice to survive a conflict and be able to talk about it. It is when fights go unchecked and finger-pointing happens leading to respect and love eroding making the relationship beyond repair.

Read below to find out the signs that indicate that your relationship needs repairing and is worth every effort.

Sign 1: Resentment, irritation or anger towards your partner.

Things and acts that used to not bother earlier irritate you a lot. All the funny quirks are bothersome now which leaves you upset, leading to endless arguments and resolved issues.

Sign 2: Bringing up past hurts and current conflicts.

Constantly bringing up past traumas and unsettling issues from your partner’s past or of the relationship journey. This can fall down like an unsuccessful game of Jenga where pieces from the past are pulled out making the foundation weak and ultimately falling, and thus the relationship.

Sign 3: Feeling distant or disconnected.

When you do not talk about your feelings and prefer not expressing your emotions you end up creating a wall which restricts the growth of the relationship which can lead to a lot of contempt.

Sign 4: Difficulty trusting your partner.

Based on previous relationship experiences you end up distrusting or doubting your partner’s loyalty. This small spec in the big sea can have, ripple effects all throughout the relationship’s dynamics.


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Sign 5: Anxiety about the relationship.

Anxiety could be your partner’s individual issue but the relationship might trigger anxiety that is associated with self-worth and feeling unloved.

Sign 6: Ruminating on a moment or issue in your relationship.

Yes, the golden period of the relationship is amazing and you are allowed to ruminate and feel nostalgic about it but to bring it up in moments of conflict or compare your partner to those gestures and efforts which evolve with time need to stop and thus nostalgia is good but don’t overdo it.

Sign 7: Difficulty getting over or moving past something your partner did.

Infidelity or cheating can lead you or your partner to have a hard time letting your partner off the hoof which can lead to a lot of pent-up hurts. 

Sign 8: Conflicts are intense and hurtful.

Disagreements happen often but when the arguments lead to making your partner feel small or hurt then it is just unnecessary and not needed. You cannot cross boundaries even with your partner. Certain respect should be maintained at all times and when this is time and again crossed the relationship needs a reality check.

Sign 9: The joy is gone and there is a lack of effort in the relationship.

Every couple ruminates about the initial phase of their relationship full of love and good moments paired with efforts from their partner. Everything is all rainbow and sunshine until the challenging stage of the relationship comes and neither of you puts any effort into the relationship which leads to sour relations.

Sign 10: An event from the past still feels activated and present.

This event could be anything ranging from cheating to dishonesty. Every argument either leads to this event or somehow this event comes up in conversations time and again. This makes growing and moving ahead in the relationship difficult and quite challenging.

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