Pakistani actress Sanam Saeed says they know Madhubala to Deepika Padukone but India doesn’t know what happens in Pak – Times of India

Pakistani actress Sanam Saeed recently opened up about the importance of more collaborations between India and Pakistan. The actress also spills the beans on the Indian content she has grown up watching.
In an interview with a news portal, Sanam said that although she is more of a Hollywood binge watcher, the entire Pakistan has been raised on Bollywood. According to her, from their grandparents to them, they know Madhubala, Kareena Kapoor to Deepika Padukone. The actress added that they have grown up consuming the song, the dance, the culture etc.

Elaborating further, Sanam added that they know what happens in India but India doesn’t know what happens in Pakistan. According to her, India doesn’t know how they eat, what they wear and other things. She stated that people in Pakistan know what Indian choti is. However, India doesn’t know what Pakistani choti is like.

The actress went on to talk about Pakistani industry. Although there are ups and downs, Sanam believes that they are on a high right now. She pointed out to the fact that Pakistani artistes are being recognised and celebrated, whether it is Arooj Aftab, who has been nominated for her second Grammy, Ali Sethi’s Pasoori with Shae Gill, Joyland’s Oscar journey and Maula Jatt– that’s a lot of Pakistani globally making waves.Drama is at its peak, music wise Coke Studio will be entering its 15th year, a lot of web series are happening. It is thriving for sure, Sanam told Indian Express.

Sanam shot to fame with the Indian audience with her hit TV show ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’, co-starring Fawad Khan.

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