Bigg Boss 16, Shukravaar Ka Vaar: Lohri celebrations with Bharti-Haarsh and Salman Khan, Sreejita gets evicted! | Television News

New Delhi: After an endearing family week, COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’ celebrates Lohri with Haarsh Limbachiyaa and Bharti Singh join the season for tonight’s episode. Knowing for their epic sense of humour, the power couple pulls off a hilarious stand-up routine for all the housemates. 

The couple is relentless in roasting housemates for their idiosyncrasies. Archana gets roasted for her voice, Sajid Khan for mothering Abdu Rozik and Abdu for singing Sajid to sleep. Bharti remarks that she will hug Tina because she has known her for the longest time and rushes to Tina, but hugs Archana. Answering a confused Haarsh, Bharti reasons that if Tina’s mother can make a mistake in recognizing her daughter, why can’t she? Instantly, the rest of the housemates are in splits. Bharti’s jest at Tina is a reference to the comic situation where the latter’s mother mistook Sreejita for her daughter during the freeze-and-release drill. 

After spreading joy around the house, the couple introduces them to a game. It involves two blindfolded contestants, out of which one must taste a dish and the other must guess what it is by giving them a cryptic description. The next game entails two rival contestants playing the swing and picking a ball off the heads of each of their teammates in between their feet and aiming it into a basket. The one with the most balls in the basket wins the game. 

The last game involves one contestant getting a secret word, which is a description and the said contestant must pick three people that according to them deserve the description. The contestant must rank them based on that attribute on a winners’ podium. At the end, team pink, the mandli won and got gifts in return.

Following this fun and games in the house, our Dabangg host Salman Khan seems to be in the mood for entertainment. He requests Archana to enact Tina’s mother’s entry as she sings ‘Ekla Cholo Re’ and hugs Sreejita thinking that she’s Tina. After Archana obliges, Salman asks Shiv and Shalin to dance like Archana’s brother Gulshan. Both emulations draw out laughter from the contestants, who are later asked to put one of their negative attributes into the Lohri fire. Shalin and Tina take each other’s name, most of the other contestants take Priyanka’s.

The episode then takes a fun turn when Bharti and Haarsh meet Salman and hand him over their son Gola. The fun banter between these was a treat to watch, SK even gifted a bracelet like his to Bharti’s son as a gift.

At the end of the episode, SK announced this week’s eviction. Amongst the four ‘lost’ contestants Sumbul, Nimrit, MC Stan and Sreejita, the host announces that sree has to leave the house this week.

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