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During the festival of Pongal, especially in Tamil Nadu, cattle stock is worshipped and the custom known as Jallikattu is observed. Jallikattu is a sport where a bull is let loose among a crowd and people participating in the sport are supposed to take control of the bull by holding on to its hump for as long as they can. The word Jallikattu is derived from two terms – “salli” (coins) and “kattu,” which means a package. In the past, a bundle of coins tied to the bull’s horns had to be taken by the participants to tame the animal.

Jallikattu 2023: History and significance

Jallikattu is a traditional method used by peasants to protect the indigenous, pure-bred bulls. Jallikattu is said to have originated during the Tamil Classical Era, which lasted from 400 to 100 BC. In the National Museum of New Delhi, a seal from the Indus Valley civilization depicting the practice is preserved. In Madurai, a cave painting depicting a lone man trying to control a bull is estimated to be about 1,500 years old. 

Jallikattu, also known as ‘Eru Thazhuvuthal’ and ‘Mancuvirattu’, is an intense sport.The ‘Mann Kuthal’ process also takes place in which bulls are trained to develop their skills by digging their horns in the wet earth. Bulls are prepared to attack when someone tries to catch their hump.

With the process of cow breeding increasingly becoming an artificial one, male bulls are typically used for farming and meat. Jallikattu gives farmers an opportunity to preserve the indigenous breed of bulls. 

Jallikattu 2023: Date

In 2023, Jallikattu will be held between January 15 and 17 in the Madurai district of Tamil Nadu. The festival is celebrated prominently in three villages: Avaniyapuram, Palamedu, and Alanganallur. The event will take place on three dates in these three places  – on January 15 in Avaniyapuram; On January 16 in Palamedu; and on January 17 in Alanganallur. 

Jallikattu 2023: Venue

As mentioned above, the event will be held in three villages of Tamil Nadu’s Madurai district: Avaniyapuram, Palamedu, and Alanganallur. Avaniyapuram is closest to the city (6 km from Madurai city) while Palamedu (around 22 km from the city) has the biggest gallery. Alanganallur (15-16 km from the city) reportedly draws bigger crowds than the other two. 

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Jallikattu 2023: Important facts

The Dravidian literature contains numerous references to Jallikattu and the people of Tamil Nadu have celebrated the festival for many centuries. It is a historical sport from the Tamil Classical Age (400-100 BC).

Every year in Pongal season, all roads lead to the bull sports venue where people gather in large numbers. If you are a tourist, you can stay in Madurai city and head to the three villages to watch the sport. Apart from the sport itself, food is a major attraction of the event. Relish items like javvu mittai, vada, bajji and bonda. 

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