Pakistani Actress Mehreen Shah alleges Sexual Assault by Indian producer, Says ‘He Tried to Get Close to me…it was a Nightmare’ | People News

New Delhi: Popular Pakistani actress Mehreen Shah has levelled some serious sexual assault allegations against Indian producer Raj Gupta and Pakistani director Syed Ehsan Ali Zaidi during the shoot of their film in Baku, Azerbaijan. She narrated her ordeal in a video shared on social media which went viral after these shocking allegations came fore. 

In the now-viral video, Mehreen Shah said, ‘I had reached Azerbaijan’s capital Baku with Ehsan Ali Zaidi and raj Gupta in connection with a shooting. As soon as they reached here, the behaviour of both of them changed completely. When I refused their demand, they tried to misbehave with me. Working with Ali Zaidi and raj Gupta has been nothing less than a nightmare for me. I don’t even know whether people came here to work or they have some other motive behind it. The actress told, ‘The Indian producer tried to get close to me, but when I flatly refused, his style changed completely. They didn’t even give me food. Not only this, my health had deteriorated during the shoot, yet he did not even see me.”

She added, “My aim in telling all this is that girls should be alert. I am working with Ehsan Ali Zaidi for the first time. I met him through a reference and working with him has been terrifying. I just want to say that if these people have treated me like this before with any actress, then they should come forward and tell their truth to the people and if any actress is going to work with them in the future, then I should alert her in advance. I give These people are not good. At night, Ali Zaidi and Raj Gupta call for sex work in their rooms. I cannot say openly whether Raj Gupta has done anything to him or not, but Ali Zaidi is completely involved in it.”

The Pakistani actress alleged that she suffered anxiety and harassment after she came to Baku for the film shoot. 


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