‘I was low on confidence, scared when I started shooting Pathaan, I lose confidence many times in the day,’ says Shah Rukh Khan – Times of India

The team of ‘Pathaan’ had their first event post the film’s release and after it has made history and broken records at the box-office. As John Abraham confessed today that Shah Rukh Khan is not an actor, he’s an emotion – it seems to be holding quite true as we’re seeing euphoria surrounding the actor in cinema halls and outside his house, Mannat, in the last few days!
But contrary to his popularity and stardom, the actor made a candid confession at the event today. He expressed that he was not feeling very confident when he started shooting for ‘Pathaan’. He shared, “I was low on confidence when we started work on it because I was coming to set after a long time. Even I get scared, I feel insecure, I loose confidence many times in the day. Thats why I keep going because the weaker you are, the stronger you get. And my beautiful friends around me, like Deepika Padukone, John, Siddharth Anand, help me.”

The actor also shed light on the notion about him that he’s quite arrogant. He joked, “Aisa nahi hai ke main arrogant nahi hoon. Is galat faimi mein mat rehna (Don’t stay under the misconception that I’m not arrogant) I am the best. I am the best. I’m the best”
On a serious note, he further added, “We should wake up in the morning thinking that I am the best. You have to wake up with the confidence that I am the best only then you can do something. That’s why I keep saying that and people think it’s arrogance.”
When asked about he deals with failure, here’s what SRK had to say. “Everyone has a different way of dealing with failure. There is a special bathroom in my house. Everyone knows I am crying when I’m there. But it’s all about the Monday. If the film spoils on a Sunday, then you wake up thinking on Monday that you should work harder now. If the film works, you still wake up on Monday thinking that now I will have to prove myself again for my next. So, Monday is about getting back to the business for the industry.”

The actor added that he feels very guilty if his film doesn’t work. “I feel responsible that I have let people down. We all put in the best of efforts. There are thousands of people related to one film being made and their lives are connected to them. We feel guilty when we let the audience down. Hence, Phir se mehnat karo, labour class bano. If you cant go to set like a labour class person, you shouldn’t be in movies.”

‘Pathaan’ has now reached a worldwide total of over 400 crores.

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