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New Delhi: A self-proclaimed ‘Entrepreneur’ from Meerut, comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi brings his audience to tears from laughing too hard. Be it his immensely relatable anecdotes or his quick-witted delivery style, Bassi has created a niche, and popularized it as ‘Be a Bassi’!. From being a lawyer to an entrepreneur to now a widely loved comedian, Bassi has come a long way with his first stand-up special ‘Bas Kar Bassi’ already out on Prime Video. Highly relatable and hilariously unique, here are five instances from Bassi’s various stand-up sets, where he made us cry (from laughter!)

Zindagiya beet rahi hai logo ki, Bandra tak pohochne mein (People are spending lifetimes just to reach Bandra)

Everyone who’s been to Mumbai as a visitor or is a Mumbaikar knows how maddening the traffic of the city is. Joking about it in great detail is Bassi, in his standup special ‘Bas Kar Bassi’ streaming on Prime Video. A true Delhi guy, Bassi is truly fascinated with the horrible traffic situation in the city, and manages to get the Mumbai audience in splits by talking about it.

Buddy! Aapke Father aaye hai

A minefield of memes, this joke from his set in ‘Roommate’ makes the viewers lose their minds with his candor and hilarious delivery of a time when he was caught between a wild roommate and his equally strict father. While we sympathize with Bassi’s roommate, we all eventually were waiting for the face-off between him and his father, all thanks to Bassi’s impeccable storytelling.

Job bohot tough hai yaar, roz mai hi jau? (Job is very tough, everyday I am only supposed to go to the office?)

The daily 9 -5 hustle has drained many of us, and we keep on running to and fro from offices, beating traffic, weather and struggling with public transport. In his special, Bassi narrates how he had tried to do that once as well, but failed (or not so) miserably. His goofy anecdotes resonate with the audience so well, that they can’t help but laugh out loud.

Koi sense hai iss baat ki? Hume bohot lag rahi thhi uss time pe (Is there any sense to this idea? We thought it was very sensible at that time!)

Yes, haven’t we all lived or are currently living at a point in our lives, where we have no clue what are we even doing? Later on, when we look back, we might laugh at ourselves, or regret our choices, but Bassi doesn’t. He instead makes jokes out of it! Narrating one such story, he admits that what he considered to be genius was extremely stupid in hindsight, but he had fun and that’s all that matters.

Mere paas experience hai? Experience ke naam pe mera naam hi Anubhav hai bass (I have experience? In the name of experience, it’s just my name that is Anubhav)

Any great performer has the skill of playing with words that leaves the audience enraptured and hooked to their performance. Bassi is a master in that, playing around with sentences and weaving them with his experiences so well, that the listeners keep hooting and cheering on his power-packed punchlines. Bas Kar Bassi is peppered with such fun one-liners, that leaves the viewers in splits every single time!

Back with many more of his equally rib-tickling tales is Anubhav Bassi on his brand new stand-up special ‘Bas Kar Bassi!’ where he takes the audience through his early career and questionable choices, as he revisits how he, alongside his flatmates and friends, dealt with the many highs and lows of life. Directed by comedian Abhishek Upmanyu, this hilarious special is now streaming in 240+ countries and territories, exclusively on Prime Video.

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