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New Delhi: Whenever there is a breakthrough in technology, it tends to change the world around us.  Especially when discussing something as sacred as religion. Faith-tech has naturally gained favour with tech-savvy citizens and Gen Z, who find it difficult to attend a temple owing to their busy schedules. The widespread use of smartphones and high-speed internet has facilitated a more egalitarian, virtual experience in the field of religious practices as well.

Online darshans, e-pujas, and e-donations to temples are just a few examples of how the union of religion and technology has democratised religious practice. However, amidst all this, the Sadhana app has gone the extra mile to make the experience more authentic with its roots deeply stated in the Vedic way of worship. Plus it is a free app available for anyone and everyone to access. 

By incorporating cutting-edge technology into the religious sector, the app provides users with convenient and uncluttered access to a wide variety of worship options. One can undertake complex religious rites like Abhishekam, Yagya, and Japa, or something as simple as Nitya puja, all in one convenient location. 

“However, I will like to talk about a concept from our Vedic scriptures that the founder of our organisation, Om Swamiji once shared and it really set the perspective for me in a big way. The concept is of macrocosm and microcosm.” shares, Priyanka Anand, CEO, Vedic Sadhana Foundation. Vedic Sadhana Foundation is the parent organisation of the Sadhana app.

The macrocosm refers to the larger universe as a whole, while the microcosm refers to individual human beings. Our scriptures state that the individual human being is a smaller reflection of the larger macrocosm. We are taught in schools from early ages that our planet is made up of 70% water, and so is the human body. Even when we leave and shed our bodies, we are cremated or buried. We go back to where we came from. There are thousands and millions of galaxies in the universe, and the same in the pores of our bodies. The many phases of the moon, a celestial being can impact the tides, and that too of our mind. So this energy that is flowing from the universe to us is believed to be the source of all life and matter. 

Mantras carry the powerful phonic energy of the seed or syllables that represents the cosmos, and sadhana is a practice that is done over a period of time. Doing this practice over a period of time prepares oneself to be established in the foundation and be one with the mantra, the sonic form of energy of the cosmo. And when this happens, you yourself have realised to be part of that universe. Mantra sadhana is believed to be a powerful way to connect with the divine and to achieve spiritual growth and enlightenment. 

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