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Tips for setting goals: The beginning of the year always makes us eager to start pursuing the big goals we’ve been thinking of. Or to break the bad habit we are aware of is preventing us from moving forward. Adrenaline carries us through that first week of January, and it feels wonderful. However, by February? 

Since they never seem to “stick,” many people have given up trying to set goals altogether. But whether you call it a resolution or not, setting and achieving life-changing goals is based on scientific principles.

Entrepreneur, Youtuber and Author Ankur Warikoo shares tips on setting goals to get started on your journey in his audiobook ‘Do Epic Shit’.

1. Set clear and specific goals for the year

This will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the year.

2. Create a plan to achieve your goals

Break down your goals into smaller, manageable tasks and create a plan to accomplish them.

3. Prioritise self-care and well-being

Taking care of yourself mentally and physically is crucial for staying energised and motivated.

4. Surround yourself with positive influences

Seek out mentors, join a community, or find an accountability partner who can support you on your journey.

5. Embrace failure and learn from your mistakes

Failure is a natural part of the learning process, and it’s important to view it as an opportunity to grow and improve.

6. Stay consistent and persistent

Consistently taking small steps towards your goals is more effective than sporadic bursts of activity.

7. Reflect and reassess regularly

Reflect on your progress and reassess your goals regularly to ensure you are on track and making progress.

8. Celebrate your successes

Take time to celebrate your accomplishments and remind yourself of the progress you have made.

Recognizing our achievements helps in instilling a mindset where measurable growth is both desired and rewarded. That kind of knowledge will enable you to make smarter goal-setting decisions.

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