Bigg Boss 16, Finale Week Updates: Shalin Bhanot and Shiv Thakare get Into an Ugly Fight During Ration Task | Television News

New Delhi: The weekly report of contestants – ‘Bigg Bulletin with Shekhar Suman’ are in on  COLORS’ ‘Bigg Boss 16’. After the last ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, this season arrives on its last bulletin and the seasoned actor is captured getting papped on the red carpet as the media posed some very interesting questions. Will Shiv Thakare miss Archana Gautam after this season ends? Despite his efforts, Shalin Bhanot couldn’t be captain throughout the season, will he be the captain of his gully cricket team after the season ends? It was fun to have Shekhar answer these questions. 

The roasting session in tonight’s episode was followed with an entertaining awards night. Each contestant is awarded something special that comically underlines their misgivings. Archana Gautam gets a garam tava for being a miser with food, and Shalin gets a dholak because he got played on both sides. Nimrit gets a chashma that indicates she was the first captain and the last captain, but she was not seen in the middle. 

The biggest highlight of the episode was the last ration task, which involved contestants ranking each other based on their contribution to the show. Each housemate must stand on one of the six ranks assigned to them unanimously. Behind each rank is a sack of ration meant for the ranker to consume throughout the last week. During this task, Shiv and Shalin got into an ugly verbal spat. Also, Archana did not agree on getting the fourth position and because of her, yet again the task got cancelled and the housemates only got the common ration.

Nimrit, Shiv, Priyanka fought with Archana, screamed on her as because of her they couldn’t get a good amount of ration even in the last final week. She, on the other hand, stood firm with her decision of losing it.

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