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New Delhi: A self-proclaimed ‘Entrepreneur’ from Meerut, comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi brings his audience to tears from laughing too hard. Be it his immensely relatable anecdotes or his quick-witted delivery style, Bassi has created a niche, and popularized it as ‘Be a Bassi’! From being a lawyer to an entrepreneur to now a widely loved comedian, Bassi has come a long way with his first stand-up special ‘Bas Kar Bassi’ already out on Prime Video.  

Featuring an assorted mix of Bassi’s classic witty charm and hard-hitting humour, ‘Bas Kar Bassi’ takes the audiences down memory lane as the comedian narrates unheard anecdotes from his life that will leave the viewers in splits, one punchline at a time. In an Exclusive conversation with Zee News Online, Anubhav Singh Bassi opened up on his comedy special debut and shared many anecdotes. 

Q- Did you ever think that you will make it this huge when you were in school or college, did you ever think of coming this far?

A- I never thought honestly, I did dream of becoming someone the world would know about but never really did anything exactly in that direction. Slowly thigs started falling into place and then I started dreaming that yes let’s do this. I started wishing for 1 million views, then 10 million views first and then the rest is history.

Q- You people have made us pass the lockdown smoothly when everybody was depressed, it was the stand-up comics who made people smile, laugh, how does it feel to be the person who made people live?

A- Honestly, it feels great but with all this comes a huge responsibility too. During the lockdown, people were constantly messaging me to release some video or joke or something at least but I didn’t have anything recorded as such. The moment the lockdown was lifted for some time, I went to Chandigarh and recorded the ‘Roommate’ Video and posted it online. It is a responsibility on us now to keep you people happy so I made a few videos to keep the social media updated. Also, one thing that happened in the lockdown was that many new people joined the clan as the content was getting consumed more than what we had so the people who weren’t fans earlier were joining the clan and it was a huge responsibility on us to maintain them. I am very grateful to comedy to be of help at such difficult times.

Q- Tell us something about ‘Bas Kar Bassi,’ what can fans expect from the comedy special?

A- I feel very happy and accomplished as this is the set I have worked most on and is one of my favourites literally. It is my to-go story as this one has landed well at every crowd no matter what, even if the people weren’t listening carefully, they would laugh out loud as I am really happy that finally now everybody will be able to watch the set. I am excited to see how it does on the screen as obviously screen and LIVE are two very different things but yes, looking forward to the response. Am very excited for people to watch it as I have written it well, performed it well rest is on the audience. 

‘Bas Kar Bassi’ has the unfiltered Anubhav Singh Bassi. The story has all the elements from my life before I became a comedian. My law phase, my startup, the time when I worked in a startup, everything. So basically, from life’s all the do’s and don’ts, I have only done all the don’ts and that is something people will relate to the most.

Q- How do you feel about your Bollywood debut in ‘Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar’? 

A- I am very excited but my wife is comedy and am very grateful for it as people have seen me perform there and then they thought that yes I can be suited for the film as well. The best part is Luv sir kept me the way I am in the film also as he said that stay in that zone and am really grateful to him for this.

Q- What is next? You have your comedy special now, you have a Bollywood film now, what’s next?

A- Now, I’ll straight away open with Rohit Sharma, that is only what is left, cricket and am gonna ace that now (laughs.)

Q- How did your family and friends react when they heard of ‘Bas Kar Bassi’?

A- So, I told my parents when it was announced and they live in a small village near Meerut so I told them and forgot about it. Recently, I got a call from them telling me that they have got the wifi connection at home and they want me to come and put the Amazon password for them to watch the special and that was the most special moment for me. My friends were happy but also sad as all their stupid stories are coming out in the world but all over everybody is happy and supportive, have always been. My friends have not just seen this special being made, they have seen me grow up, they have lived these stories and that is a huge part.

Q- Who is your idol in the industry, and who do you look up to?

A- A- I learn something from everybody, honestly. I never think like I want this or that, I want something from everybody I see for example if I see a new comic who is very confident, I would want that confidence from him as I didn’t have it back then. Similarly, I want something from all my friends as they are all amazing at what they do.

I have always said that in storytelling, I love how Zakir bhai does it, he is the only one who is in the anecdotal comedy except me. It’s just us two and he inspired me a lot every day. So, he is my idol as there’s only one and he is on the top. Abhishek Upmanyu, Sumit Anand, Aakash Gupta, Rahul Dua, Gauarav Gupta, Vipul sir and others, I love everybody’s style and they all inspire me in some or the other way. Also, Upmanyu directed the show and Zakir bhai visited me on the set and we discussed many things so it was a great experience honestly and I will cherish it always, for sure.

‘Bas Kar Bassi’ is exclusively streaming on Prime Video from February 1, 2023.

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