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New Delhi: Fans have been supporting their favorites via various means across the country. There are flashmobs, Puja in temples, billboards and so much more. While others had already established fandom, Shalin’s popularity grew tenfold after his entry into Bigg Boss. During his journey video, Bigg Boss claimed that in the history of Bigg Boss, Shalin is the most misunderstood contestant ever. 

Shalin’s parents have been an important part of this season too and as the finale is almost there, they have shared their views on their’s son’s journey on Bigg Boss. In an Exclusive conversation with Zee News Online, Shalin Bhanot’s parents have opened up on his strategy, aggression, game and more.

Shalin’s mother said, “Am feeling very happy that Shalin is in the top 5, is in the finale, it is a moment that has to be cherished for life. Many memories are being made and after the journey episode, I felt so emotional and beautiful at the same time. He is not just misunderstood, he is a misinterpreted contestant in the house as he is a nice person, someone who cares about everybody and is there for everybody but the people in BB’s house tried to give his gestures another name and well I think it is their loss.”

“He is an actor and you cannot take that away from him. Shalin is a survivor, a fighter, a complete entertainment package and he has had a very true journey in the house, a very natural one if you will and he has proved his personality many times. All his friendships, relationships, whenever he stood by someone, it was very organic. The best part was that Shalin was never off the grid, literally. He was always there on the screen and he was always one of the most loved as well as discussed players of the house,” his father added.

On the tag of fake given to Shalin, his parents quoted, “Shalin is exactly like that, he is an ‘achha insaan; in the real life as well. He is indeed a large-hearted person. He has done many charities, he donates a lot and in fact he always stands by his friends no matter what. He recycles his clothes, get them cut and stitched in the sizes of orphan kids and donates them there. He is always charming, jumping, he is a child from within and one shall always be like that, shall never kill the child inside oneself. Shalin is NOT fake, he is the way he is and doesn’t care what anybody else thinks. People do not accept if anyone is genuinely good, that is why the contestants thought it was fake.”

“Also, when he was depressed, for a moment we felt like running to him and hugging him but I felt so proud of the way he managed himself and took care of himself with such grace and strength. He fought with all the negative emotions and proved that he indeed is a fighter, a survivor,” they added.

When asked about Shalin’s aggression, his parents said, “Everybody was against him, he was under attack so it is basic that a person will lose his cool. And honestly, every contestant this season has gotten aggressive, angry but the one who was targeted and brought into the limelight was Shalin. He really is a super-sweet person and is not an aggressive one. He is the strongest, so others have targeted him and tagged him as negative and fake and aggressive to lighten the competition. Well, they couldn’t do it as he is in the top 5 today.”

Over the last few weeks, Shalin’s supporters have been increasing and even after some comments by Industry that went on the show as a guest, people’s perception of Shalin has become clearer and thus all the love pouring in. 

For now, we’ll have to just wait and watch who will pick the trophy.

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