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New Delhi: Social media platforms, especially Instagram, are surging with thousands and thousands of individuals who are building their careers. Among the prosaic is Lina Bathia. She is proving her prowess as a multi-talented digital creator and a social media sensation. Her content majorly revolves around fitness, lifestyle, and fashion. 


Being a nutritionist, she entered the world of digital creation to heed her passion for fitness and healthy living. Seeing that a lot of youth want to build their careers in the online space, Lina Bathia shares valuable advice. She says, “There are oceans full of opportunities in the digital world. While you can get the most out of your skills, remember that you can also be thwarted by their dynamic nature. There are many challenges, but if you are determined, they won’t stand a chance to bring you down.” 


Today’s youth have a very mutable mind. They keep changing their plans and aren’t certain about their goals. To which Lina Bathia says, “It’s good to have multiple passions, but you should be able to know what you really want. The world is vast, and it is a great place to express your passion. However, if you don’t have a solid hold over it, then all your efforts will go in vain.”


Lina Bathia also advises them to be healthier and develop a habit of meditation and yoga. “If you aren’t sure about your plans, meditation has the power to help you with the same.” Lastly, she suggests that the youth be focused, hard-working, and passionate about their goals.


These words are an inspiration for every youth who is struggling out there to make their mark in the world. Lina Bathia has always been a fitness enthusiast. She has achieved great success on Instagram and is still creating a stir. She has more than 160k followers on Instagram and has worked with brands like Grand Hyatt, Studio6 Jewels, Richaa Goenka, Ritu Kumar, Wellbeing Nutrition, Max Protein, and more. We hope Lina will keep showering us with her knowledge and experience.

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