Saif Ali Khan rushes back from Amritsar shoot for son Jeh’s birthday – Exclusive – Times of India

Saif Ali Khan, who has been shooting in Amritsar for the past month, took a few days off from shooting on Tuesday to fly back to Mumbai for his youngest-born Jehangir’s second birthday.
It was a date on the family calendar that Saif wouldn’t miss on the world, although Jeh is more mama Kareena Kapoor Khan’s boy than Saif’s. Earlier in the day, Kareena had shared two grumpy photos of Jeh as part of celebrating his second birthday. These photos were from the sets of the film that Kareena is working on with director Hansal Mehta.

In a previous interaction, Saif had spoken at length on his equation with Taimur and Jehangir. “I have to say Jeh is a Mama’s boy. He is very very attached to his mother. Actually all of us are attached to Kareena. Jeh is a bit more attached.”

Although Saif is closer to Taimur, Saif’s love for Jeh is equally strong. “He is very very sweet. A little baby running around the house is the best thing to happen to any family. As he begins to talk, I know I will pull him over to my side a bit more (laughs). But it’s lovely to see the bonding between Kareena and Jeh.”

Speaking of Taimur’s attachment to his baby brother Saif had said, “Tim has grown up quickly after Jeh’s arrival. Tim is no longer the infant. He allows himself to be beaten by Jeh. He adores Jeh. He is very patient and protective with him. They are four years apart but they often need to be separated.”

How do Saif-Kareena avoid sibling rivalry between them? Saif explained, “Very simple. Kareena gave Jeh more time, while I gave Tim more attention.”

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