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With rumours running wild about Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans possibly returning in ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’, a Marvel Studios executive is sharing his take on it all.
Years after the actors took their final bow as the much-loved superheroes in ‘Avengers: Endgame’, rumours have been rife that they could just return in cameos in the Multiverse saga. Besides fans rooting for the actors to pick up the mantle one more time, fellow MCU actors including Jonathan Majors also expressed his desire to have RDJ back in action as Iron Man and take on Kang in ‘Avengers: The Kang Dynasty’.

However, according to the latest reports, Marvel Studios Executive Stephen Broussard hinted that RDJ’s return may not be on the cards any more. Revealing why the character and actor may not return, Just Jared quoted Stephen saying, “If you look at, like, Cassie [Lang in Quantumania] getting a suit and Kate Bishop [in Hawkeye], new characters being introduced like Jack [in Werewolf by Night]. After these first 10 years of Marvel storytelling, torches are being passed, like with Robert Downey Jr. no longer being [on the] table and stuff like that. So it was kind of like a new generation stepping to the forefront which, again, has always happened in the comics.”

Broussard also reiterated that Phase 4 of the MCU was about inducting new characters and using the upcoming films to tell those stories.

“Now that those players are on the board and there’s a big bad coming [in the form of Kang the Conqueror], it’s about like, ‘What are they going to do with that? What are they going to do with this power?’ Because as you know, perhaps you’ve heard. With great power…[comes great responsibility.]”

While speaking about the future of the MCU, actor Anthony Mackie who picked up the shield of ‘Captain America’, opened up about the chances of him taking on a leadership role in the new class of the Avengers.

“Sam is the only character without superpowers,” Anthony told Empire Magazine.

He went on to add that his character was ‘just a regular dude’, unlike the other super-powered heroes.

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