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There’s more in common between Sara Ali Khan and Sharmila Tagore than you’d expect between a grandmother and granddaughter. In a special promo shot for their respective films – Sharmila’s Gulmohar and Sara’s Gaslight – the two ladies indulged in some fun banter. Of the handful of questions that were posed to both, the most fun turned out to be the one on love.
Sara and Sharmila were asked about the crazy stuff they’ve done for love. Sara jumped at the question first and said, “I am so busy with the crazy and stupid part that I don’t reach the love part. I think that’s the actual truth and its really sad.” Her badi amma, as Sara loving calls Sharmila, jumped in to say, “You can’t tell everybody that.” And true to her unfiltered ways Sara replied, “They all know. I say crazy and stupid things and then there’s no love. But you love me badi amma.”

Sharmila reacted and said, “I am going to cry.” To which Sara got a little more serious and said, “That’s the genuine truth about me. I have never got to the love part. But it will.” Sharmila blessed the thought said, “It will happen.” When Sara asked her grandmother, “You promise?”, Sharmila dropped a bit of wisdom in the most subtle way as she said, “Unfortunately you can’t get out of it, you have to suffer from your heart.”

It was then Sharmila’s turn to reveal her story. And it was related to her husband Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi whom loved ones and friends referred to as Tiger. Sharmila revealed, “Once very long ago, much before your time (telling Sara), I was shooting in Panvel. For some technical reason we packed up. And the first thought in my mind was, Tigerji and Rajsinghji were going to Danta (City in Gujarat). So my first thing was, ‘Let me go there and say bye to him. As fast as an ambassador could take us on those roads. We really rushed and I took my makeup off and my long wig off. When I was getting off, Tiger and Rajsinghji were also getting off. So I said, ‘Hi! I’ve come to say bye to you.’ And then Tiger said, ‘Well why don’t you come with us?’ I said, ‘Yeah, what a good idea. Why don’t I come with you?’. There was no toothbrush, no toothpaste, no clothes, no makeup, nothing. I just boarded the flight and we went to Danta and I had a blast. I wore, I think, Tiger’s shorts and someone’s shirt and we had so much fun. I had never done anything like that then and now I can’t even think of doing that. I think that was crazy.”

Needless to say even Sara was impressed by Sharmila’s crazy tryst with Tiger Pataudi and an adventurous trip.

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