Sharmila Tagore recalls hateful comments like ‘if Kareena Kapoor had Zika and Taimur was never born’ on grandson Taimur’s birth – Times of India

Sharmila Tagore was recently in a conversation with news anchor Barkha Dutt and the two started talking about the current wave of hatred that seems to be sweeping over all parts of society. It seems to be even more pronounced on social media where faceless people go about trolling others, talking about physical harm and spewing negative comments about their beliefs and religion.
Sharmila recalled the hateful comments that had been posted on social media when her grandson, Taimur was just a day old. She said, “I read one post which said it would have been better if Kareena had Zika and Taimur was never born. I said how can somebody actually think like that?”
Understandably, Sharmila’s son Saif Ali Khan and daughter-in-law Kareena Kapoor Khan were terribly perturbed. Sharmila remarked to Barkha, whether such people were even ‘real.’ She questioned how it was possible for somebody to wish a day old baby so much harm.

Social media was full of comments by trolls at that time and the star couple were trolled for naming their sons, Taimur and Jehangir. Sharmila had married Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi in 1968 and revealed that this kind of hatred had not existed back then. So, it is understandable when she said, “What is this world? And who are these people? Are they just repeating what is being said?” But, the Pataudi family decided to ignore the trolls.

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