Govinda reveals once a female fan worked as house help at his home, wife Sunita Ahuja caught her – Times of India

There’s no denying the fact that Govinda was one of the biggest superstars during the 90s. He had become very popular thanks to his impeccable dancing skills, comic timing and acting prowess. His charming personality had made him popular among his female fans who wanted to marry him. In a new interview, Govinda narrated a bizarre incident when his female fan worked as his house help in order to stay closer to him.
During those times, Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja had kept their marriage a secret for almost a year. Then one day, a girl from a well-off family reached Govinda’s house and the actor noticed her standing outside. He asked the girl if she was wants a job and told her to speak to his mother.

“She was from a well-off family. One day I saw her standing outside my house. I asked her, ‘Do you want a job? Ask my mother, she only looks after all the work at home’. My mother gave her the job of house help,” Govinda told Bollywood Bubble.
He further added that the girl was bad at her work but she used to get active once he would reach home. Sunita noticed the change in the girl’s behaviour. She felt that something was wrong. She then went on to confront her and asked her who she was.

“One day, she was talking over the phone. I snatched her phone. She was talking to her dad and I came to know that she comes from a big family and her father has eight cars. But since she was a huge fan of Govinda, she only wanted to be with him,” Sunita said.

She then went on to reveal the reason behind keeping their marriage a secret. She said that after they got married in 1987, they revealed their marital status on their daughter Tina Ahuja’s first birthday.

“At that time he was at peak of his career. At that time, it was like if a hero gets married, fan following kam ho jaati hai (fan following used to decline). So, I told him, ‘just sign as many films as you can for a year, till then, chup chaap se rahenge’. Main room mein chup kar baithti thi (we didn’t reveal anything. I used to hide in a room). But when our daughter was born, we revealed it on her first birthday,” Sunita said.

She further said that she always sought love in life and she got it from Govinda and that is the secret to their happy marriage of 36 years. Govinda’s mother was also confident about Sunita and had told him that the actor will beg if he will ditch her.

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