Bhumika Chawla says she wanted to meet Satish Kaushik once more, ‘sometimes life doesn’t give you another chance’ – Exclusive – Times of India

Bhumika Chawla was the heroine in Tere Naam, which was one of the most successful films directed by late Satish Kaushik. Also featuring Salman Khan in the lead, the movie’s music and storyline attained a cult status upon release. Today, after Satish Kaushik passed away after suffering a heart attack, memories of their time working together suddenly came back to Bhumika.

Speaking to ETimes she revealed, “Satishji was such a wonderful and jovial person. He always had a smile on his face and exuded such positive energy. He was a thorough professional who wanted to do better than what he had done before. Even after I worked with him in Tere Naam, we used to meet often. I always saw that he had childlike energy and he wanted to do something new and better. He was always so happy. News of his passing has been shocking.”

Bhumika said Satish Kaushik helped her a lot during the shoot of Tere Naam. She said, “Being an actor, he understood what it was like for me to do my first Hindi film, though I had done many South films before. He was very helpful. He used to talk to my mother and I came to know that both of them came from Karol Baugh in Delhi and were born and brought up just a lane away from each other.” She also stated that Tere Naam was an unforgettable film for her adding, “It was a great experience working with him on Tere Naam because it was a different film. It was not a run-of-the-mill film.”

Satish Kaushik and Bhumika kept in touch but even so, the actress rues the fact that she couldn’t meet him one last time. She said, “I connected with him more in the last few years after his daughter was born. This time, it was like a family thing, with the kids growing up together. I wanted to meet him after he had called me not too long ago. But I think both of us were busy traveling. Sometimes, life doesn’t give you another chance.”

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