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New Delhi: Festivals always take a toll on people’s workout regimen, that too in a season when many often skip healthy meals and opt for high-calorie food.

‘Yeh Meri Life Hai’ actress Shama Sikander shared her fitness tips to follow post-Holi so that the festival’s excesses wear off without you having to compromise on all the fun.


She said: “It is important to keep fitness in mind even during festivals. I follow certain ground rules that give me a chance to enjoy as well as keep my fitness in check. Firstly, I keep drinking water to keep my body metabolism in check. It makes me feel fuller and prevents me from eating too much. Next, I set a calorie limit for the day to help me keep my calorie intake limited.”

Shama, who has appeared in the Aamir Khan-starrer ‘Mann’, as well as in ‘Ansh: The Deadly Part’ and ‘Prem Aggan’. She has also been seen on reality shows such as ‘Boogie Woogie’, and music videos, notably ‘Majnu Remix’ and ‘Hawa Karda’.


She added that for staying fit and healthy she prefers home-cooked food and uses whole wheat flour instead of white flour and jaggery in place of sugar.

“Other than that, I try to make the snacks and sweets at home as much as possible instead of sourcing them from a caterer. This way I can choose healthier alternatives like wheat flour instead of white flour or jaggery instead of refined sugar.

“Lastly, I work out before the festivities begin so working out in the morning compensates for the calories I am going to take throughout the day and there will be no need to stress for the next few days,” the actress concluded.

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