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Kahaani is one of those rare films that can easily lay claims to being a game-changer. And yet the narrative makes no claims. The destiny of the protagonist is charted in a breathless sweep of urgently persuasive episodes that tumble out as though God wrote Vidya Bagchi’s screenplay.
Vidya Balan is so flawlessly resplendent. Playing Vidya Bagchi, an NRI who lands in Kolkata heavily pregnant and immeasurably distressed by the disappearance of her husband, Vidya doesn’t hit a single false note in the entire graph of her character’s fascinating journey.

Speaking on Kahaani being to his career what Sholay is to Ramesh Sippy’s career, Sujoy Ghosh said, “Look, everyone expects me to make Kahaani every time. It’s like one child in the family getting all the attention. Arrey, I’ve to give the same attention to all my children. I am equally proud of all my films.”

After ‘Kahaani’, when Vidya turned down his next film, Ghosh was shattered. Ghosh had said, “It was unexpected. And I was disappointed. But it wasn’t Vidya’s fault at all. We build all these unreasonable expectations from all those whom we love. And then, when they are unable to fulfil these inflated expectations we are hurt. It isn’t fair to ourselves or to whose whom we love and expect to love up to our hopes. Even if she is your wife why would you expect her to have your meal on the table every day?”

So what happened? Sujoy explained, “When I narrated a script to Vidya, she told me not to call it ‘Kahaani 2’. She felt it was not in that genre at all. She was completely right. But I was hurt.”

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