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Solar Eclipse 2023 and Lunar Eclipse 2023:  When the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby obscuring the view of the Sun from a small part of the Earth, totally or partially, a Solar Eclipse occurs. There can be a total, partial, hybrid, or annular solar eclipse. Meanwhile, when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow, causing the moon to be darkened, a Lunar Eclipse occurs. During a lunar eclipse, depending on the type, the Moon may appear red, orange, brown, or disappear entirely for a total eclipse. While eclipses are a fascinating natural phenomenon, in many traditional cultures – and even today – they are associated with superstitions and omens. Let’s check out the dates of solar eclipse (surya grahan) and lunar eclipse (chandra grahan) of this year.

Surya Grahan, Chandra Grahan: Date List of Eclipses in 2023

April 20: Solar Eclipse (Hybrid)

May 5: Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral)

October 14, Saturday: Solar Eclipse (Annular)

October 28-29, Saturday: Lunar Eclipse (Partial)

Surya Grahan: Two Solar Eclipses in 2023

In 2023, the first solar eclipse will occur on April 20 from 7:04 am till 12:29 pm IST. The year will see another solar eclipse in October, on the 14th. While the year’s second solar eclipse will be a partial one, the first will be a hybrid one. 

What Is A Hybrid Solar Eclipse

When there is a combination of an annular eclipse and a total solar eclipse, a hybrid solar eclipse occurs. This is a rare type of eclipse. In this case, some sections of the earth’s eclipse path come into the Umbra – the Moon’s darkest part of its shadow, creating total solar eclipses. The Sun in a hybrid eclipse, for a few seconds, forms a ring-like shape.

Surya Grahan 2023: First Solar Eclipse Of This Year

The eclipse will be visible from Australia, East and South Asia, the Pacific Ocean, Antarctica, and the Indian Ocean. The eclipse, however, will not be visible from India. However, Indians can view it through live telecasts from other countries.

Surya Grahan 2023: Second Solar Eclipse Of This Year

On October 14, the second and last solar eclipse of 2023 will occur. But it will not be visible in India. Again, people can watch live telecasts.

Chandra Grahan 2023: First Lunar Eclipse Of This Year

The first lunar eclipse of the year will occur on May 5, 2023. It’s a Penumbral Eclipse which won’t be visible to nake eyes.

(Source: Drik Panchang)

Second Lunar Eclipse Of This Year: Date, Time, And Sutak Time

The second lunar eclipse of the year will occur on October 29, 2023 as per India time. It’s a partial lunar eclipse.

Partial Lunar Eclipse in New Delhi

Lunar Eclipse Starts: 1.06 am

Lunar Eclipse Ends: 2:22 am

Sutak Begins: 2:52 pm, October 28

Sutak Ends: 2:22 am

This partial lunar eclipse will be visible from different cities in India. 

(Source: Drik Panchang)



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