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Increase emotional intelligence: Those who have studied and written about emotional intelligence contend that it is more crucial for success in life than intelligence quotient or IQ, which has led to a lot of interest in the subject. According to many authors of books on emotional intelligence, unlike IQ, which is assumed to remain constant throughout a person’s life, emotional intelligence may be learned through practice.

The human mind is always buzzing with ideas, day and night. Some of these, which have a significant effect on our emotions and, more importantly, our mood and attitude, are thoughts over which we have no control. Thus, look to your all-time best friends (books) for some linguistic hugs when you’re feeling too sensitive or emotionally vulnerable.

Emotional intelligence books for personal development

From a personal development standpoint, the books on this list can be beneficial if you wish to increase your emotional intelligence. You’ll develop greater self-awareness and improve your capacity for managing your own emotions. 

These books will teach you skills that will benefit you in every area of your daily life, from better stress management to improved relationships and communication.

To help you boost your EQ levels, we’ve listed below five books you must indulge yourself in, take a look:

A Gentle Reminder, Bianca Sparacino

This book is ideal for those days when the sun rises a little later but you still want to enjoy some sunshine. This book’s every page has the power to restore your faith in goodness and help you put your broken pieces back together. It never stops “gently reminding” you how deserving you are of love and happiness.

Permission to Feel, by Marc Brackett

Marc Brackett creates a guide for comprehending our emotions because he is aware of the shockingly low mental health of both adults and children around the world. The author, who is also an emotional scientist, reveals his personal experiences of how, when he was being bullied, only his uncle gave him “permission to feel” his emotions. 

He discusses “RULER,” a programme that has been shown to raise emotional intelligence.

When You’re Ready, This Is How You Heal, Brianna West

Our lives might become chaotic after only one stressful experience. This book is about letting that disturbance cause us to become woke people who have developed emotional intelligence.

More than 45 bits of knowledge and personal experience are shared by the author to assist you in discovering your inner sanctuary and moving closer to healing.

When One Door Closes, Rejoice, by LaVeer Renée

This book, which was published in 2022, can teach you how to deal with obstacles in life. The author, who is also a well-known life coach, offers four emotional intelligence traits that you can embrace to live a successful life. You also pick up skills for managing your worries, letting go of the past, letting go of your anger, and setting objectives for a better future.

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The Places That Scare You, by Pema Chodron

According to the author, “Our sense of self-importance confines us to the realm of our preferences. We eventually become utterly bored with ourselves and the environment. We get to a pretty poor conclusion.” 

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The guidance provided in these pages is intended to assist us in facing our fears and demons, changing our bad habits of blaming and attacking, and working towards becoming fearless. The teachings of Chödrön are a wonderful gift because they offer a spiritual uplift that is at once new, straightforward, moving, and transformative.

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