Kareena Kapoor reveals how Saif Ali Khan’s reacts while she poses for the paparazzi – Times of India

Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of the most photographed celebrities of Bollywood, even during her pregnancies, the actress didn’t shy away from posing for the cameras.
Recently, Saif Ali Khan was irked when the paparazzi followed them all the way to their building. Speaking about setting boundaries with the paparazzi, Kareena told Zoom, “I am not drawing any lines. In fact, I’ve been like, whatever… If they’re clicking, let them click. Even I’m like, ‘What do I do?’ The more I try and, you know… Both Saif and me have been very honest. But, of course, sometimes one does feel like coming into the building, or doing certain things, or clicking the kids when they’re going extra-curricular activities, as Saif said, that is the only thing we’ve requested them not to do.” Kareena also revealed Saif Ali Khan’s reaction while she poses for the paps. The actress said, “Saif’s like, ‘You’re always posing.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah! I am, get with the plan, Saif’. Saif’s walking and trying to be calm, and he’s like, ‘Why are you posing?’ And I’m like, ‘Chill, that’s me’.”

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are currently on a holiday in South Africa with their kids Tamiur Ali Khan and Jeh Ali Khan.

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