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Relationship Red Flags: Relationships are full of ups and downs but one should know when to draw a line. Relationships should help you grow as a person and your partner should be your confidant. Sometimes situations and relationships can get complex and it can be hard to distinguish between healthy and toxic traits of your partner. Hence, it becomes important to observe patterns and keep an eye out for red flags. A healthy relationship is built on trust, communication and respect and if any of these components go missing, then you know it’s time to re-evaluate the relationship. To save you from an unhealthy relationship, here are some red flags you need to look out for. 

6 Relationship Red Flags To Never Ignore 

Lack Of Communication

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. But if your partner avoids talking to you or doesn’t express their feelings or thoughts, and is being passive aggressive then it could be a sign of a concern. 

Controlling Behaviour

If your partner tries to control you or your actions, it can be a sign of a toxic relationship. This behaviour includes jealousy, possessiveness, and trying to take decisions for you.

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Disrespectful behaviour

If your partner is constantly disrespectful towards you, your feelings, or your boundaries, it is a clear red flag. This includes name-calling, belittling, dismissive behavior, and looking down on you as a person. It is a clear sign that they don’t respect you or your feelings. 


Honesty is another important aspect of a healthy relationship. Loyalty and trust are two pillars which make a relationship work. If your partner lies to you, whether it is about big or small things, it can be a sign of a lack of trust in the relationship. 

Lack Of Support

Your partner should be your biggest supporter, someone who encourages and motivates you to reach your goals and help you grow as a person. But if they constantly undermine or belittle your dreams, it can be a sign of an unhealthy and toxic relationship.

Physical Or Emotional Abuse

Abuse in any form, whether it is physical or emotional, should never be ignored. If your partner is physically or emotionally abusive towards you, it is important to seek help immediately.

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