Nawazuddin Siddiqui is willing to settle legal issues with estranged wife Aaliya if he is allowed to meet his children, says lawyer – Times of India

Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been mired in controversy over his legal battle with estranged wife Aaliya Siddiqui who had earlier alleged that she and their two children were thrown out of her mother-in-law’s residence in Mumbai. The actor has now told the Bombay High Court that he will withdraw his habeas corpus petition if he is allowed to meet his two children, Yani and Shora.
Lawyer Pradeep Thorat, who was representing Nawaz in the court, said that his children were missing their school in Dubai and he was unable to trace them. This was the only reason behind filing the petition.

“I am aware of the limited relief that I can get in this petition. He has not seen his children physically. This is his limited concern. After that I will withdraw the petition,” he said, according to India Today.

On the other hand, lawyer Shikhar Khandelwal, who was representing Aaliya in the matter, said that the petition was unnecessary since his client and the two children were living in a bungalow owned by Nawaz’s mother.

He further added that Aaliya is willing to settle the matter and questioned how Nawaz did not know that his client and their children were living at his mother’s residence. He also said that Nawaz is free to meet his children but it is the actor who is not meeting them.

Thorat then mentioned that Aaliya was facing an FIR registered by his family. She had approached the Bombay High Court to quash that FIR. Another division bench of the judges had asked both the parties to appear before the court and settle the case. The lawyer said that Nawaz and Aaliya are meeting on the next date of hearing, March 27, and they can take forward the current case thereafter.

As Thorat said that all concerns are being communicated through lawyers on email where there is a demand for money, Khandelwal objected to it and asked the proof of the same to be shown. The court agreed with Thorat to see if there could be an amicable settlement.

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