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If there’s one lucrative Hollywood deal that stands out against all odds, then it will be the one where Cameron Diaz earned over $40 million as back-end bonus from the film’s box office earnings, thanks to her legendary agreement for Bad Teacher (2011).
Made with a budget of $20 million, Bad Teacher secured $216 million at the box office. It had all the ingredients such as star power, comedy, compelling storyline and stellar performances. Cameron had negotiated a portion of the film’s earnings where she not just got paid $1 million payout but she also walked away with over $40 million.

Cameron played a back-end participant for Bad Teacher which means the actress got paid upfront for making the movie and also got additional profits from the film’s revenue, be it from DVD sales or Box Office receipts.

She was already a big name in Hollywood with a series of box office hits like The Mask, Shrek, My Best Friend’s Wedding and There’s Something About Mary. She not only made herself a fan-favourite but also developed a reputation as a bankable actress. Her body of work helped her strike a back-end deal with the producers of Bad Teacher and it turned out to incredibly lucrative which gave her a return of 3900%.

Meanwhile, Cameron is currently in the news for being likely to quit Hollywood again. After her retirement in 2018, she had made her comeback into the film industry with Back In Action in November 2022. Her close friend Jamie Foxx had managed to convince her to get back into films.

However, post Jamie’s on-set meltdown, Cameron has reportedly decided to take re-retirement since she doesn’t like dramas on the sets. She wants to spend more time with her husband Banji Madden and their daughter Raddix.

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