Guneet Monga was hospitalised after not being allowed to give Oscar speech, reveals MM Keeravani – Times of India

The Academy Awards was slammed after it deprived producer Guneet Monga of her big Oscar moment, by not allowing her to give her speech on stage. The viral videos of the producer’s mic being shut off before she could give her speech left many viewers infuriated. Now, fellow Oscar winner MM Keeravani is spilling details about what went on backstage.
The music composer was talking about his excitement about his first Oscar win when he went on to reveal that it was ‘not to an extent where you go breathless’. Keeravani revealed, “the other award winner–Guneet Monga. She was not given time to speak her words, so she went breathless and she was hospitalised also.”

While Guneet mentioned that she was “shocked” when her mic was turned off. In an interview with Bombay Times, Guneet said, ”I did not get a chance to deliver my Oscar speech. There was a shock on my face. I just wanted to say it’s India’s first Oscar in Indian production, which is such a huge thing. My heart started racing as I couldn’t have come so far and not be heard. I’ll go back there and I will make sure I’m heard.”

Looks like the matter wasn’t that serious as Guneet was spotted at an after-party, dancing away with her friends and smiling for photos with her Oscar statue.

On her return to the country, she also got candid about how members from the international film community reached out to her at the afterparty and expressed their regret over what had happened.

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