Elton John gets into shape for his farewell Yellow Brick Road tour by walking around in his swimming pool – Times of India

Tours for musicians and singers can be back breaking. Recently, Taylor Swift ensured that she was in absolutely great shape before undertaking her Eras tour, which involved a marathon of 44 songs on the tour. However, Taylor Swift who is in her 30s will be standing up on stage all through her performances.In contrast, Sir Elton John who is 76, will soon be undertaking the last leg of his farewell Yellow Brick Road tour which will conclude in Sweden in July 2023. Elton John’s style of performance involves him sitting for hours, with his back ramrod straight, on a stool in front of a grand piano.

The 76-year-old recently revealed that he has been suffering from health setbacks such as pneumonia and a hip replacement surgery and to strengthen his back and stamina, he took to walking sideways all around his private swimming pool. His usual routine is to have breakfast and then attempt walking around the pool. He usually does six miles a week.

Elton John will begin his concert at the Glastonbury festival in June. The tour will then take him through Paris and Copenhagen before ending up at Stockholm, Sweden in July.

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