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World theatre day: Unlike the West, where historiography was primarily written, India is known for publicly supporting ancient traditions of information transmission. The systems where oral and gestural communication met recreation were developed as a result of this aspect of orality, which resulted in the creation of Theatrics. 

Theatre has a reputation for being all-encompassing since it gives other art forms, such as music, dancing, acting, and literary works, a stage. Dramas were produced in the then-dominant languages, such as Sanskrit and Prakrit, around the second century BCE, beginning the history of Indian theatre.

Delhi is swamped with highly regarded and brilliant theatres that tell their audiences the tales of the heroic past and devastating tragedies. The following are a few of Delhi’s theatres and plays that are currently booming:

1. Takhleeq Theatre Group

The theatre which was established in 2016, specialises in theatre but also provides a variety of experiences while producing and promoting various forms of art. They view performing theatre as a healing and cathartic activity. They have created performances including “Waqfa,” “Corpse for Sale,” and “Sipahi aur Maut,” which were inspired by grassroots learning and believe in providing a platform for people to share their own stories.

2. India Habitat Centre

Without visiting the India Habitat Center, you can’t truly appreciate all that the cultural centre has to offer. To fully immerse yourself in art and culture, linger around in the peaceful atmosphere. The finest performing arts centre in India, featured in the film “Rang De Basanti,” hosts an annual theatre festival that features works by Delhi-based playwrights.

3. Alkazi Theatre Archives

The Alkazi Foundation for the Arts, which is committed to the preservation and study of India’s cultural past, has gathered resources about post-Independence theatre in India in the form of the Alkazi Theatre Archives (ATA). It’s the ideal location for theatre enthusiasts to go to learn about the history and current state of performance art in the nation.

4. National School Of Drama

The Ministry of Culture provides funding to one of the top theatre training facilities in the nation. They provide a variety of learning opportunities in addition to having a rigorous theatrical practice curriculum that incorporates the techniques of influential theatre figures that have shaped contemporary theatre in all of its diversity. The students frequently perform their theatrical performances for audiences if you’re looking for fascinating plays to go see whilst visiting the city.

When visiting Delhi, keep an eye out for independent plays and productions being performed at theatres including Lok Kala Manch, Sur Tal Open Theatre, Kamani Auditorium, and Shri Ram Centre.

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