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Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra seems to have empowered many voices in the Hindi film industry since she revealed her experience of having `beef with people` as the prime reason behind her exit from Bollywood. Reacting to a news article covering Priyanka Chopra`s version of the truth, singer-composer Amaal Mallik wrote on Twitter, “Well it`s something that I face on a daily basis. When fans ask me why I don’t do as many Bollywood films? Now you know 😉 The truth about campism, bootlicking & powerplay within #Bollywood needs to come out more often…See what they tried to do to this amazing woman…” 

During a conversation with Dax Shepherd on his podcast `Armchair Expert`, Priyanka Chopra revealed why she started looking for work in the US, saying, “I was being pushed into a corner in the industry. I had people not casting me, I had beef with people, I am not good at playing that game so I kind of was tired of the politics and I said I needed a break. This music thing gave me an opportunity to go into another part of the world, not crave for the movies I didn`t want to get but I would require to schmooze certain clubs and cliques of people. It would require grovelling and I had worked a long time by then that I didn`t feel like I wanted to do it.” 

The `Fashion` actor marked her singing debut with the single `In My City` in 2012, also featuring American rapper The song was a hit and Priyanka garnered a lot of appreciation for her singing. Post that, she released another single, `Exotic`, also featuring Cuban-American rapper Pitbull in 2013, which went on to become a chartbuster. She also released a cover version of the song `I Can`t make you love me` in 2014.”So when this music thing came I was like `fu** it I`am going to America`,” Priyanka said in the podcast. Amaal Mallik is the voice behind popular numbers such as `O Khuda`, `Kaun Tujhe`, `Buddhu Sa Mann`.  


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