Throwback Thursday: How Hrithik Roshan’s Transformed Into Menacing Vedha as Vikram Vedha Clocks 6 Months Today | People News

New Delhi: It’s Throwback Thursday and what better way to go down memory lane than recapping how Hrithik Roshan created magic with his character ‘Vedha’ in Vikram Vedha, which happens to clock 6 months today!

Fans anxiously awaited Hrithik Roshan’s return to the big screen and what a return it was! With Vikram Vedha, the actor set an all-new performance benchmark, playing a gangster unapologetically and with an unparalleled screen presence that reflected both the essence of the character while not compromising with his superstardom.

Hrithik Roshan transformed into the character of ‘Vedha’ by completely absorbing in the details. The actor trained hard for his menacing villainous part and did everything from voice training and speaking gibberish to dialogue rehearsals, dancing to 80s music, emoting to nature, and recording himself to perfect his mannerisms and dialect.

Giving audiences a look at the BTS video that captured the prep behind the character, Hrithik Roshan mentioned, “To become ‘Vedha’ I had to first find comfort in being a ‘yeda’. 9 months of prepping & being Vedha – from October 2021 to June 2022. Exactly the time human lives take to birth. Vedha has been a process of moulding from scratch, today it’s a character I’m proud of. Learning to talk, walk, dance, eat & live like Vedha has been sheer joy. There may not be Hrithik in Vedha, but there will always remain Vedha in Hrithik.

Vikram Vedha also starring Saif Ali Khan, directed by Pushkar – Gayatri, was released on 30th March, 6 months ago. Hrithik’s character portrayal of Vedha is a master class in itself. It wasn’t an easy feat to take up a role that is already done and received praise but Hrithik not only attempted it but also took it notches higher.


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