I didn’t work on television for TRPs, I have cried when a project hasn’t worked, says Mrunal Thakur – Exclusive – Times of India

Mrunal Thakur recently shared a picture where she could be seen crying. However, many fans lauded her for the post because it’s not often that an actress opens up and shows her true self to the world. ETimes got into a conversation with Mrunal and her co-star Aditya Roy Kapur for their new film ‘Gumraah’ and the actress spoke at length about showing her emotional side.
Being an actor is not easy and there’s a lot which comes with it – be it the pressure of being judged, success or failure. Mrunal says, it’s okay to feel hurt. “It feels bad when something doesn’t work because we give our best to every project. In fact, when I started television, we wouldn’t work for TRPs. We would put in the same amount of hard work that we put in movies. So, if a film doesn’t work or doesn’t get the love it deserves, we feel hurt. There are days when you feel low and I even end up crying. It’s okay to cry.”

Mrunal’s post on social media was quite brave and the actress set an inspiration for many fans who could relate to her. Ask her what made her comfortable about sharing that image while expressing her heart and she says, “Because I’m not afraid of being vulnerable. There are so many people who are so scared of being vulnerable that ‘if I’m not okay and if someone sees me, what do I do, what do I say?’ But I feel, we should just say that ‘I’m not okay’. It’s great to talk it out.”

Even on-screen, the actress has played some really challenging parts that have demanded a lot from her, emotionally. She confesses, “Love Sonia was one of the most challenging characters for me. She had to be emotional and naive. How do you play naive? You have to put your guard down and surrender to the director but that takes a toll on your mental health. It just doesn’t leave you when you go back home. You can’t decide. It also depends on who’s performing with you. Sometimes it gets intimidating. The first few days on any new set, no matter how strong or weak your character is, you do feel vulnerable.”

Watch the full conversation below:

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