Priyanka Chopra and Karan Johar have a good laugh over their so-called animosity and toxic talk – Times of India

So Karan Johar “bullied” Priyanka Chopra Jonas out of Bollywood? On Saturday night at an event at Mukesh and Nita Ambanis’ Culture Centre, Karan and Priyanka met like old friends, hugged and laughed over the hateful tirade against Karan for allegedly driving Priyanka out of Bollywood.

“And why should it surprise anyone that they (Priyanka and Karan) met like old friends? They are, they’ve always been close friends. They had a good laugh over all the toxic talk doing the rounds. Karan promised to meet up with Priyanka and her husband Nick to meet their daughter Malti the soonest possible,” says a guest at the event.

It is good that Priyanka Chopra has finally spoken about how she was bullied out of Bollywood. But to portray her as a victim is a laugh. Anyone who knows Priyanka even remotely—knows she is no walkover. Neither is she an abla naari who was driven out of the film industry, like Waheeda Rehman from her sasural in Neel Kamal.
It doesn’t quite work out that way for Priyanka. It never has. It never will. If she was workless for the want of leading men, it was with reason that Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar etc didn’t want to work with her.

As for Karan Johar, PC and KJo (as they are fashionably known) are friends to this day. They meet socially, message one another and are aware of what is going on in one another’s life.

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