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Despite being the youngest son of legendary singer Kumar Sanu, Jaan Kumar Sanu has made it in the entertainment industry all on his own with hard work and dedication. After his stint in Bigg Boss 14, Jaan has gotten into a better shape, groomed himself as an artiste and now he has released his new single Sutta with National Award winning music composer Arko Pravo Mukherjee.
In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, Jaan speaks candidly about his experience of working with Arko, how Bigg Boss has given him much-needed recognition, his equation with his mother Rita Bhattacharya and father Kumar Sanu.

Tell us about the kind of response you are receiving for Sutta.
The response has been overwhelming. It is beyond my expectations. I am glad that we did something different from what I usually do. It’s been accepted well by music listeners. The attempt was pretty daring for me because I mostly stick to the romantic and classical stuff. I wanted to experiment and expand my variety as an artiste. I think it went really well.

How was the experience of collaborating with Arko?


I think it was an amazing experience. Arko da is a very big name in the industry and to work alongside him on a song that he has also sung with me was a very big thing for me. I got to learn a lot from him while we were recording and also picked up some tricks of the trade. It was a great learning experience. We have also done another romantic number which we will be releasing very soon. This is my first collaboration with Arko da, so I am really happy about it.

How did this collaboration come about?

I got in touch with Arko da a while back. He used to call me for jamming and checking out some tunes and how my voice is sounding with it. During one of these jamming sessions, we were recording a romantic number and I just asked him why don’t we do a dance number. He liked the idea so much that he decided to finish this project first and then move on to the romantic number. Within 2-3 days, he was ready with the track. The name of the song is controversial but it gives a nice message which really got my attention.

You are looking fitter than before. Tell us about your transformation.


It has been definitely very challenging because this is something I wasn’t really used to. I started working out, I changed my daily habits and I have tried to make myself better in every manner. I have spent a lot of time in the gym. It was difficult and painful but I think the reward was worth it. These are the memories you make that you remember later on in life.

How has your life changed after Bigg Boss?

There’s been a totally change, 100 per cent. Before Bigg Boss, nobody knew who I was and what I do. After Bigg Boss, I was on the map. People got to know that there’s someone called Jaan and he is a singer. They started loving me and accepted my talent. Bigg Boss has definitely been one of the biggest stepping stones in my career. And for that, I am forever grateful to Salman sir and everybody else associated with the show.

It must have been difficult for you to not have your father Kumar Sanu around you since childhood.


Basically, I never knew about dad. I got to know about him at later on in life. For me, my mother was both my mother and my father during my growing up years. It was pretty weird because of course there are certain things you share with your father, there are certain memories you make with your father. I was not lucky enough to experience that kind of phase. But by the time I recognised it and accepted it, it had become a normal feeling. My dad got separated from my mom when I was 6 months old. And I don’t have any memories of my father being around while growing up. But it was very daunting when I got to really know who he is and what he does. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have chosen the same line of work. I am trying to make it on my own. So let’s see what lies ahead for me.

Has he tried to help you in anyway to get work in the industry?

Not really. If he would have then I would have been one of the biggest names in the industry by now. But there are no complains, no demands from my side. I have my faith in God and I look forward to what plans he has for me.

Tell us about the kind of equation you share with your mother and your father currently.

My mom is my whole world. She has raised me single-handedly. She is above everyone else. And I don’t think that’s going to change till my last breath. With my dad, the equation is good. It’s as much as is required. Of course, there won’t be a father-son camaraderie that usually is there with other kids. It’s very formal.

A few days ago, Amaal Mallik opened up about doing less work because of camps and politics in the industry. Have you faced the same?

If someone like Amaal bhaiya is tweeting that then in comparison I am really inconsequential to be commenting on it, because I have not reached the level that he has achieved. But Amaal bhaiya is facing it on that level then it should give you a clear picture of what we have to go through and what we have to face. I am just going to keep my head down and continue my hard work.

Have you spoken to Amaal and Armaan about a collaboration?

Yes, I have. Amaal bhaiya and Armaan are my childhood friends. Armaan and I have grown up together. We have learned from the same person. But I think Amaal bhaiya also has a certain duty towards his own brother. I guess our collaboration is not something that I think will happen too easily. If it does, I would be really grateful because Amaal bhaiya is one of the finest music composers in our industry. Working with him, would be a new journey for me.

Lastly, tell us about favourite genre in music.

Romance and love songs are my favourite genre. That’s why I sing it with so much of emotion. But apart from that, I love Sufi and Classical. I have been learning classical since the age of 3. But the romantic genre definitely tops my list.


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