Bella Hadid supports Ariana Grande’s message to fans on body-shaming – Times of India

Top model Bella Hadid has now come out in support of Ariana Grande and has reposted her Tik Tok video speaking out against body shaming by posting it on her Instagram account. Along with the repost, Bella wrote a long message that seems to have come straight from the heart.
Bella said that “there is always a reason for the way people look/feel,” and she entreated fans to be “soft”. This holds good “especially when you don’t know someone or what they have been through” she elaborated.
She became philosophical in her advice to her followers and reminded them that Instagram is not real. She then urged them to remember that all of us are mere human beings who are trying to do our best. That’s sound advice, indeed coming from the 26-year-old.

She also advised her followers to simply remove themselves from a conversation where people are talking negatively about others. This seemed like an obvious reference to the comments and intense discussion that followed pictures of Ariana Grande when she was photographed at Jeff Goldblum’s concert in London recently with people commenting that she looked unhealthy.
Bella, who is younger than Ariana, also told her followers that it is cool to be kind and told them that she loves them. She also sent a shout out to her friend, Ariana, whom she calls Ari and sent love to her through the post.

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