Shabana Azmi reveals Mithun Chakraborty was insecure about his jutting teeth and dark skin: My mother made him drop his inhibitions – Times of India

Veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty emerged as one of the biggest superstars in the 1980s. He is still remembered as the grand dance master thanks to his 1982 film Disco Dancer. He has done more than 350 films and won several accolades in his acting career. But did you know that Mithun had serious insecurities about his jutting teeth and dark skin tone during his struggling days. It was Shabana Azmi‘s mother late mother Shaukat Kaifi who helped Mithun to let go of his inhibitions.
Shabana recalled the time when her father and legendary poet Kaifi Azmi had a mandate that the doors of their family home Janki Kutir in Juhu, Mumbai should always be open to all kinds of people and never be locked no matter what.

She told a news portal that a lot of her institute friends who had no place to stay in Mumbai, used to stay with them. Some of them like Zarina Wahab and Kanwaljit Singh were house guests. Her father and mother were always encouraging.

Talking about Mithun, Shabana said that the then-struggling actor had a lot of insecurities about him. He was always conscious about his jutting teeth and used to smile with his mouth closed. He was also conscious about the fact that he had dark complexion.

Though a lot of those insecurities had gone as he worked in the institute, Shabana said that it was because of her mother that Mithun could fully drop his inhibitions. She credited her parents, especially her mother who encouraged him so much.

Last year, Mithun had spoken about being disrespected for his skin colour. He had said that he doesn’t want anybody to go through what he has been through in his life.

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