Shabana Azmi opens up about rivalry with Smita Patil, says, ‘I did say some uncharitable things about her which I regret’ – Times of India

Actress Shabana Azmi Azmi and Smita Patil worked together in the award-winning 1982 film ‘Arth’, and were immediately pitted against each other.
In an interview with a news portal, Shabana admitted that the reports about them being at odds weren’t entirely fictitious and that she did indeed consider Smita a ‘rival’.

Eloborating further, Shabana said that she regrets making certain ‘uncharitable’ comments about the late actor during the peak of their respective careers.
Shabana further added that she shouldn’t have, but for her what’s very important is that he had a very good relationship with Smita Patil’s parents, with her sisters and now with Prateik (Smita Patil’s son).

In an earlier interview with ETimes, Mahesh Bhatt had also spoken about the rivalry between the two actors. He said that Smita had never confessed to feeling insecure about Shabana.

Bhatt revealed that both Shabana and Smita had a lot of respect for each other, but Shabana had confessed that Smita’s success ‘disturbed’ her.

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