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New Delhi: Uorfi Javed turns heads no matter what she wears. She has an unusual style but is the queen of social media. The starlet often dons unique outfits and shares pictures on Instagram, also she gets popped a lot but this time, her Insta story tells a different story. She claims that she has been harassed and this news has taken over the internet.

Uorfi has always grabbed eyeballs for her bizarre yet unique fashion sense. However, today she posted a video on her social media claiming that she has been harassed by someone from Neeraj Pandey’s office and he has also threatened to beat her.

Taking to her Insta stories, Urfi shared a video while wearing a mask and sitting in a car. She said, “I am extremely sick and I had to come to the police station because again someone called me and started harassing me that they are going to hit me because of my clothes and then they even knew my car number, so, ugh tired.”

The starlet captioned the video, ‘Welcome to my life! Just another day, another harasser. l usually ignores such calls but this time they knew my car number, and first, they called me for a meeting and when I realized that they are a scam they started threatening me, all this when I’m like super sick.’

In another story, Uorfi wrote, ‘So someone called me from Neeraj Pandey’s office, saying he’s his assistant and sir wants to meet me-so l just said before meeting he needs to send me all the details of the project and at this, the alleged assistant got really furious that how dare I disrespect Neeraj Pandey. He told me that he knows my car number and everything and I deserve to be beaten to death cause of the kind of clothes I wear. All this because I refused the meeting without proper details.’

Uorfi Javed is one of the most talked-about celebrities in the industry today. She often receives criticism on the basis of her bold fashion choices.

Uorfi has often been accused of promoting vulgarity and nudity. However, she has repeatedly shot back at trolls and all those who have raised displeasure over her OTT dressing style. She is famous on social media for her DIY videos. From making a top from stockings to donning a dress made from trash – Urfi has done it all in her posts online.

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