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Earth Day: On April 22 of every year, Earth Day is observed. Earth Day will take place in 2023 on a Saturday, April 22. Participating in this international event helps spread the word about how crucial it is to safeguard our planet and its natural resources. Additionally, it motivates individuals to take part in environmental preservation. Among the numerous activities and events that take place on Earth Day are rallies, concerts, and tree-planting initiatives.

Every day should be earth day since the planet is facing degradation at a gradual rate and so we bring you small and unique ways to take action and contribute individually.

1. Calculate your Foodprints

2. Advocate for Climate Change

3. Encourage organizations to take action

4. Pick up trash while you run

5. Calculate your carbon footprint

6. Stop plastic consumption

7. Organize or participate in community cleanup

8. Switch to reusable bags

9. Encourage and use reusable utensils and trays

10. Grow an organic garden

11. Skip plastic, buy glass and paper products and use reusable water bottles

12. Turn off lights when not in use

The theme for Earth Day 2023 is ‘Invest in Our Planet’. Undoubtedly, the successful 2022 campaign will go on. Once again, we must take decisive action in order to succeed. We should use innovation in a broader meaning and implement our ideas fairly.

Mr Raj Gore, CEO, of Healthcare Global Enterprise Ltd. says, “It is our responsibility to protect the environment and promote sustainable practices in everything we do. The current global health crisis, caused by climate change and environmental degradation, calls for swift and decisive action. This year’s theme, “Invest in Our Planet,” highlights the importance of prioritizing and investing in sustainable practices to build a healthier and more secure future for generations to come. Prioritizing these practices can help reduce harmful emissions, preserve precious resources, and promote biodiversity, all of which contribute to a healthier planet.”

“The future lies in renewable energy. As an organization, we are committed to preserving the environment. By implementing a mercury-free initiative across our network and installing a ‘Solar Power Plant’ to optimize energy usage and achieve zero emissions, we have reaffirmed our resolve to contribute significantly to the goals of sustainable healthcare. By supporting the development and implementation of renewable energy technologies, we can ensure a cleaner and more sustainable future for our planet,” remarks Mr Raj.

Earth Day 2023: What You Can Do?

– As a society, we should make efforts to reduce our energy consumption at home as well as at work.

– It is critical that we encourage the development of renewable energy sources in the future.

– Instead of driving more often, you might want to consider carpooling, cycling, or walking more often.

– The next time you do some shopping, consider purchasing Eco-friendly products.

– It is a great idea to recycle and compost as much as possible.

– You can create a garden or plant trees in your yard.

– Work with schools to educate and interact with students on environmental issues.

– Organize or volunteer in a cleanup.

– On social media, you can raise awareness about Earth Day by using the hashtag #earthday2023.

Mr Anand Nichani, MD, Magniflex India says that in line with this year’s theme ‘Invest In Our Planet’, reducing carbon footprint is a way to secure a resilient future. This can be accomplished through the use of cleaner energy sources, lowering energy usage, and selecting sustainable products. By taking these actions, we can reduce the harmful effects of climate change and promote a healthier environment for present and future generations.

“This Earth Day, let’s take action and create a better world for ourselves and for the generations to come.  It is important to note that our carbon footprint has been increasing with every product we purchase, due to the emissions created during its production and transportation. To lower our footprint, we can reduce consumption, reuse items when feasible, and recycle goods when no longer needed.”

“Moreover, in addition, one can also save money and time, decrease traffic, minimize pollution, enhance air quality, and promote a healthier, more active lifestyle.”

There are many ways to become involved, whether you want to learn more about climate change, participate in regional environmental conservation initiatives, or simply support the cause. We hope that you’ll set aside some time to honour Earth Day this year and do your part to keep our world safe.

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